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ConnectedHealth is a wireless health innovator committed to developing health monitoring connectivity solutions that drive down healthcare costs by improving patient compliance. ConnectedHealth’s eHealth Platform product is the first to provide an end to end connected solution for remote health management. ConnectedHealth sells its eHealth Platform to health care providers who seek to reduce the cost of patient care by keeping patients that can be cared for remotely out of hospitals.

Our Mission

We provide remote health monitoring that remotely connects patients with care providers, reducing the cost of health care.


ConnectedHealth system by bringing together a wireless eDiabetes gateway device, wireless connectivity via Continua-standards devices, access to Microsoft HealthVault™ and e-commerce transaction capabilities with diabetic suppliers. Such a system is difficult to replicate given core IP in eHealth Bluetooth™ connectivity software, authenticated e-commerce engine, and wireless health gateway design.


The wireless home health market is expected to grow to $4.4B in 2013. Costs, ease of use and accessibility remain key issues to adoption. A focused solution to enable more efficient patient management greatly reduces the cost of outpatient care including diabetes. In 2006, cost for healthcare in the US rose to $2.1 trillion or 16% of the GDP. Chronic Disease accounts for more than 75% of the total US Healthcare cost. Wireless medical monitoring systems including remote patient monitoring and management are increasingly recognized as having the potential to address these resource challenges. To reduce the costs of unnecessary hospital visits, healthcare providers are deploying remote monitoring and management systems. This is a new effort and adoption has been hampered by several factors including lack of connectivity standards, interoperability issues and availability of wireless monitoring devices.


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