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ConnectedHealth Announces Leading Medical Device Maker Partnerships

Partnerships With A&D, Entra Health Systems and Nonin Medical Deliver Monitoring for Weight, Blood Pressure, Glucose, Blood Oxygen and Pulse on ConnectedHealth's eHealth Platform

SINGAPORE, 2nd June 2011 - ConnectedHealth, a provider of health monitoring connectivity solutions, today announced partnerships with three leading wireless health device manufacturers. Under the terms of the agreements, A&D Medical, Entra Health Systems and Nonin Medical will provide, respectively, wireless weight scales and blood pressure monitors; wireless glucose meters and wireless pulse oximeters that operate on ConnectedHealth's eHealth platform.

The eHealth Platform from ConnectedHealth integrates into a health care provider's existing patient management systems and enables wireless patient monitoring -- at a cost of 25 percent less than existing wireless health solutions. ConnectedHealth is the first to leverage standard connectivity technology to provide support for third-party devices.

According to Mike Holt, CEO for ConnectedHealth, "Ensuring seamless connectivity with no patient involvement, requires compatible and integrated wireless devices. With A&D Medical, Nonin Medical and Entra Health Systems medical devices, the ConnectedHealth eHealth platform seamlessly connects patients to their care givers, enabling them to more easily comply with their caregiver's instructions without the added effort of traveling to the health care facility."

"With ConnectedHealth and the A&D UA-767PBT and A&D UC-321PBT weight scales, patients measure their blood pressure and weigh themselves just as they normally would," noted Teruhisa Moriya, president and CEO for A&D. "The difference now is that the patient's care provider also sees these measurements simplifying the process and making the concept of eHealth a reality."

As managing costs becomes an increasingly important issue for health care organizations, it has been shown that a reduction in non-emergent, non-critical hospital visits would result in less costs being borne by the health care provider. Focused on reducing the cost of patient care by keeping patients that can be cared for remotely out of hospitals, ConnectedHealth believes that wireless monitoring holds great potential as a solution that will help improve profit margins for health care providers while providing optimum patient care.

"Entra's Health Systems™ Bluetooth Blood Glucose Meter makes measuring glucose levels very easy," said John Hendel, Entra Health Systems CEO. "As part of a ConnectedHealth system, ease-of-use is taken one step further, and patients do not need to record the measurements as they will be sent directly to the health care provider."

Nonin's 9560 Bluetooth pulse oximeter easily and accurately captures two of the five essential vital signs used in monitoring patients with a variety of disease states (blood oxygen and pulse). Ease-of-use and accuracy are essential attributes for device acceptance by patients and health professionals.

About ConnectedHealth Pte. Ltd.
ConnectedHealth, headquartered in Singapore, is a wireless health innovator committed to developing health monitoring connectivity solutions that drive down health care costs by improving patient compliance. ConnectedHealth’s eHealth Platform product is the first to provide an end-to-end connected solution for remote health management.

Through its eHealth Platform, ConnectedHealth addresses health care providers’ demand for lower cost eHealth solutions that can scale by leveraging newly created standard communications standards, leveraging third party measurement devices and use of standard, third party health gateway hardware.

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