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Fitbug, ConnectedHealth Partner for Health and Fitness Solutions That Connect Consumers and Health Care Providers

Collaboration Enables Consumer Health and Fitness Management With Health Care Provider Access

Singapore--(Marketwire - Mar 26, 2013) - ConnectedHealth, a provider of health monitoring connectivity solutions, and Fitbug, which offers consumer health monitoring services and devices, today announced a partnership to provide combined consumer and health care provider fitness and health monitoring solutions.

Effective fitness and health monitoring requires that consumer data be made available to health care providers remotely -- which also gives consumers visibility into their progress and measurements. ConnectedHealth provides health care organizations with remote health monitoring solutions via the ConnectedHealth eHealth platform and care provider applications. Fitbug's products offer users personalized health programs by tracking their progress in terms of weight, activity and blood pressure. Together, the combined capabilities of the two companies enable personalized health care and fitness monitoring with health care provider access and oversight.

ConnectedHealth's eHealth platform 3.0 (EH3.0) is a secure personal health record Software-as-a-Service platform that facilitates end-to-end connectivity between medical devices and electronic medical records. The EH3.0 platform supports connectivity with ConnectedHealth's proprietary and Continua-based gateway devices and applications, and FitBug's personal health management systems.

Consumers measure their personal fitness and health with Fitbug weight scales, activity monitors and blood pressure monitors. Health care providers access the eHealth platform to improve their patient management regime by monitoring a patient's health condition. The benefits include:

  • Improved patient engagement and ability to self-manage care .
  • Improved provider engagement
  • Patient loyalty
  • Improved care-coordinating performance

"Bringing together consumer and health care provider fitness and health care measurements gives real advantages," said Paul Landau, CEO of Fitbug. "Together, ConnectedHealth and Fitbug provide consumers with real time information on their health and fitness, while reducing health care costs and improving patient outcomes."

By providing a system to enable patients to self-manage their health, insurance companies stand to benefit through reduced admissions and medical claims. Additionally, interfaces are available to integrate with incentive/rewards programs, tying compliance (through regular readings) into these programs for better overall results.

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