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eHealth Platform

ConnectedHealth's eHealth Platform 3.0 (EH3.0), is a secure, Personal Health Record SaaS platform that facilitates end-to-end connectivity between medical devices and electronic medical records. Patients can use Bluetooth , Wi-Fi, USB and 3G enabled medical devices and gateways to send data to the Connected health EH3.0 platform. The EH3.0 platform supports connectivity with ConnectedHealth's proprietary and Continua-based gateway devices and applications, and supports connectivity with other PHR systems, such as Qualcomm's 2Net platform and FitBug's personal health management systems.


Future Proofing: While the goal for all participants in the eHealth eco-system is to support universal standards-based platforms, the reality is that there are many systems; devices, gateways, and EMR systems; each adopting non-standard, proprietary protocols for generating, managing, and consuming medical data. ConnectedHealth's EH3.0 platform addresses the reality of disparate systems by adopting a protocol-aware strategy and supporting an architecture that can easily accommodate existing and evolving technologies—such as Continua, Qualcomm 2Net, and others. A system that utilizes Connhealth's EH3.0 SaaS platform will be capable of interoperating with existing, and future, proprietary, and standards-based, technologies.

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eHealth Platform Product Brief


  • E2E platform that allows data from weighing scales, glucose meters, blood pressure monitors to be transferred from patient to caregiver
  • Improved patient engagement and ability to self-manage care
  • Improved provider engagement
  • Improved care-coordinating performance


  • supports the Enterprise Edition of the Liferay Portal, allowing the platform to be rapidly adapted to address specific customer business needs.
  • EH3.0 platform addresses the reality of disparate systems by adopting a protocol-aware strategy
  • Built on open-source technologies, allowing cost effective adaptation to different business and workflows