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Nursing Manager Application

ConnectedHealth's Nursing Manager Application ("NMA") automates the collection of medical information for patients in a clinical setting. The NMA automates the capture of data from medical devices such as Glucose Meters, Weighing Scales, Blood Pressure Monitors, and Pulse Oximeters via Bluetooth ™ technology. The NMA supports both Continua™ compliant devices as well as proprietary devices. The NMA runs on ConnectedHealth™'s Android Medical Tablet, which provides a robust and secure platform to ensure patient security and privacy. The system supports advanced Biometrics and a secure boot environment providing a mechanism for clinicians to safely and securely capture and store critical patient information.


Product Information

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NMA Product Brief


  • Automates collection of medical information in a clinical environment using Continua™ and proprietary medical devices
  • Provides a robust and secure execution environment
  • Automatically uploads data to ConnectedHealth Portal
  • Register patient details and capture a patient image and biometric data


  • Supports Bluetooth™ Serial Port Profile and Health Device Profiles spec.
  • Supports Continua™ guidelines.
  • Supports Bluetooth™ Serial Port Profile and Health Device Profiles spec.
  • Supports two factor authentication using finger print recognition and NFC
  • Validate Nurse/Clinician access using two factor authentication (fingerprint and NFC card).
  • Utilizes Fingerprint recognition to validate Patient identity prior to capturing data, or utilize integrated camera to correlate patient bar-code information.