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ConnectedHealth’s Home Diabetes Kit simplifies the collection ,analysis and tracking of key medical information for Diabetic and Pre-diabetic patients.

The Diabetes Kit consists of two key components: 1) A Health Manager Application , running on an Android mobile phones, that captures data from medical devices and transfers the data via the internet to the Connected Health Portal 2) The Connected Health Portal, which securely stores and selectively shares Patient Personal Health Records with authorized Caregivers.

Using the Home Diabetes Kit, Patients can:

  • Automatically capture data from medical devices, such as Glucose Meters, Weighing Scales, Blood Pressure Monitors
  • Automatically transfer the data to the ConnectedHealth portal. Patient can review historical data
  • Selectively and securely share information with Caregivers.
  • Receive automated alerts based on conditions set by the Caregiver.
  • Purchase low cost consumables and medication through Connected- Health’s Online portal.

Through the Connected Health Portal, the Caregiver can:

  • Track the status of multiple patients, without the need for the patient to visit.
  • Set Alert conditions on a patient by patient basis.
  • Receive email or SMS notification if Alert conditions for a specific patient are met.

The Home Diabetes Kit consists of the following items:

  • An Entra™ FDA Approved Bluetooth Glucose Meter and measurement strips
  • A Nexus S phone, preconfigured with an the ConnectedHealth Android Health Manager application.
  • Login/account details to access the ConnectedHealth portal.