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Health care providers have demonstrated demand for wireless monitoring solutions to provide care for patients as an alternative to hospital visits for some patients. Demand has been driven by policy changes that penalize health care providers that do not manage costs. Unnecessary hospital visits are the highest manageable cost faced by these health care providers. These health care providers are very motivated to implement wireless patient monitoring. Many began trials with proprietary, first generation solutions. These solutions used dedicated gateway hardware and proprietary communications approaches. While viable, these solutions approved expensive and difficult to scale. ConnectedHealth’s opportunity is to address health care providers demand for lower cost eHealth solutions that can scale by leveraging newly created standard communications standards (Continua), leveraging third party measurement devices and use of standard, third party health gateway hardware (Android phones with embedded ConnectedHealth client).

Software Technology/Protocols – The core technology utilized in our WHP is based on specifications and standards mandated by the Continua™ Alliance. Continua™ is an industry organisation, consisting of around 300 medical technology and manufacturing technologies that mandates protocols that allow end to end transmission of medical data, from medical devices through the internet, to the Electronic Medical Record system. The following diagram provides an overview of the Continua system, which will be utilized in our WHP.